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kiiremini, 2022

Performance und Artefakt
Maße 55cm x 120cm

“kiiremini” is the second artwork of a serial which began in early 2022 with the kraft-performance „schneller“ in Munich, Germany. Thematically the work deals with the pressure of productivity and technical perfection. Time and aspiration are at odds with each other.
In the exhibition room stands a loom on which the artist is constantly weaving. People can walk around the loom and watch the kraftperformance from divers perspectives. Hand writing is traced in weaving. The font is light on dark. On the reverse side everything in inverse. This is also the procedure. The object is wound up little by little. What can be seen depends on the viewing angle and the time of the visit. Until completion, only the last woven part is visible in each case. Tabletweaving is nowadays largely used for traditional belts and historical reproductions. Kiiremini exceed these dimensions: A loom is needed to crate the tension. Compared to a classical tapestry, which can also be described as "painting with threads", tabletweaving follows a textile technological approach. The colouring is limited, the background is created simultaneously with the motif. A free pattern design without rapport, similar to a Jaquardweave is possible, the colour scheme is limited to two colours. What sets it apart it the possibility of a third selvedge. Teabletweaving requires a lot of concentration and perseverance. 160 playing cards as tablets are flat and stable, they serve as orientation by color, number and direction. Corrections are laborious  and take time. Show weaving demonstrates dexterity, but it is also a struggle to focus and weigh which mistakes can stay and which multiply further mistakes. With this work Birgit Wagner goes back to the origins of her profession as a seamstress and negotiates perfection, the pressure of productivity in her role as a textile craftswoman. The elaboration is the physical experience of the content level and the delivery to the process. At the end of the performance over the top edge the ends of the warp threads will hang off like disorderly tassels. The cards will still be threaded. They point to the production process and show that the work was done from bottom to top.